Chris Williamson - Consultant, Operations

Mr. Williamson joined the Rock Ridge team on September 1, 2016 as its Vice President, Operations. He is a proven leader with more than 35 years of experience not only in oil and gas operations but also corporate structures and philosophies. His career combines commercial successes in thermal operations in both sandstone and diatomite formations and the ability to attract and retain high-performing work teams.

Mr. Williamson began his career with Shell Oil Company in 1981 working its California thermal oil projects. He worked in both engineering and operations on various cyclic and continuous steam injection projects as well as two of Shell’s large waterflood projects in California’s coastal fields. Beginning in 1989, he went on to design and implement several steam floods for Macpherson Oil Company in the San Joaquin Basin. During his tenure at Macpherson, Mr. Williamson gained significant experience in urban oilfield development design and permitting and in 1994 he began working with BreitBurn Energy Corporation in Los Angeles as a Production Engineer.

Prior to Mr. Williamson’s retirement from BreitBurn Energy in early 2015, he held titles of increasing responsibility culminating in being named Senior Vice President of Operations. While managing BreitBurn’s assets, Mr. Williamson was responsible for, and successfully built, the development teams that integrated the new acquisitions made by BreitBurn. He led the teams that enhanced and developed the assets through the drillbit, implementation of waterfloods, improvements in artificial lift and field optimization. The last thermal development project lead by Mr. Williamson was a cyclic-steam diatomite project in the Orcutt Field in Santa Barbara County, California. To date, this development project has resulted in the drilling of 96 wells with a commensurate peak production of almost 2,000 BOPD from the shallow directional wells. Currently, BreitBurn’s affiliate – Pacific Coast Energy Company – is navigating the regulatory process to double the number of cyclic-steam wells in the Orcutt Field diatomite project. In addition to operations, he also contributed in the initial public offerings of BreitBurn Energy Partners LP in 2006 and of the Pacific Coast Oil Trust in 2012.

Mr. Williamson received his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University. He was a member of the City of Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce from 2002 to 2008 and has volunteered with the National MS Society’s Houston Leadership Council where he has been a member since 2011 and chairman since 2014. Beginning in 2015, Mr. Williamson began, and is still, serving as a Trustee of the South Central Chapter of the NMSS.